HELP! I want Better Credit

HELP! I want Better Credit

How can I build my credit? I want to start a business but I need funding, Help! How can I keep my earnings and use credit properly?

I hear this all the time. First, why is credit important? For starters, the economy runs off of credit. I’m not going to even talk about the deficit or I’ll digress. The main reason is that bad credit will cost you! Not only will you be denied for that loan, if you are approved and your credit rate is low, you my dear will be paying high interest on a loan while your best friend with the 800 credit score will be paying next to nothing in interest. Think of it this way, Depending on the loan amount, the cost of the loan payed back overtime will exceed the value of that funded need or want.

What’s your dream car? Let’s say a Cadillac Escalade. This car cost $20,000 (as an example duh lol) If your credit score is next to nothing and you get approved for a 5 year term, your interest rate could possibly be 26%. That car note will essentially be $599. Your best friend would be $387 for the same car, term and interest. (Don’t hate)

You just paid a little over $35k for the same car your best friend only paid $23,200 for 😫

That can’t be life. Well it is if you don’t get your credit fixed 💎

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