How do I get started with Forex?

What is Forex

How do I get started with Forex?

Forex has changed my life in more ways than I can imagine. My only regret is not starting sooner!

As of January 2018, I am one full year in.

I’ve wanted to learn how to trade currency since hearing about it in 2015 but had no clue on how to get started, was distracted with other things as most of us are and just didn’t have the right mentality at the time.

I’m letting you know right now! I slept on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as well. Please take this as a reminder that the time is now. Don’t live with regrets. Instead of wishing, start doing! DO WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU!

Digressing again 😫

Back to Forex.

2017 was a year of ups and downs, but I am grateful I learned how to trade forex. I truly believe it is a LIFETIME WEALTH BUILDING SKILL that EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT!

My full-time forex trading journey started in March 2017. I ending up earning close to $5k in about 2 weeks time. I turned around in April to exceed my goals of earning $10k in a month in only a 3 week span.

I was high on life at this point. I was feeling myself. I mean, I only thought it was right. I had just dealt with a huge blow, so to come back around and have huge success was mind blowing!

We all know, life has a way to humble you with the quickness and man did it. I started blowing accounts.

What is Forex

What is Forex

What does that mean? I started losing money! I mean big money fast. I was depleting my funds, fighting through depression, dealing with deaths and not utilizing my new found skills properly.

I bet you weren’t expecting me to tell you that did you? Well, it wouldn’t be right to say it was all glamorous when it wasn’t.

What I can say is I got back on track. That last part is all that matters.

The problem was, I only had me to blame for blowing those accounts. I learned a lot from it and know I went through what I did to share my story with others as to not make the same mistakes.

Forex is a tedious skill but it’s a necessary skill. I’ve learned more in 1 year than I could have ever learned from both of my college degrees.

FOREX PAYS THE BILLS! Want to learn more? Check out my story here.

Want to know how to get started? 👉🏼 HERE 👈🏼

Have Questions? Let’s connect. Use the contact form and I’ll email you ASAP!

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